Consultancy Support

How might I help you?

Perhaps you’re looking for support with a specific challenge.

Perhaps you just have a niggle that things aren’t working as best they could, and want some help working out what’s behind it.
I believe that people coming together to make a difference in the world is exciting stuff. It’s essential charities communicate that excitement, to inspire others to take action; both the people and teams they lead and the wider public who support them. I know that over-complication gets in the way.

What I’m good at is getting to the heart of what matters and helping you get everything working together: clarity of vision, purpose, and goals; focus on strategy, direction and priorities; alignment of teams and culture; simplicity of story and message.

My approach is to help you do it yourself, so that you feel more capable and confident. Hopefully motivated – inspired, even! – to get cracking.

If you think I could help with something, please get in touch.